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Rice Lake 120 - 120 plus

Rice Lake 120 et 120 plus - indicateur numérique de poids

The 120 drives up to four 350 or eight 700 load cells. It also features three-stage digital filtering, providing stable, accurate weight data. The five-button front panel provides easy operation, as well as full calibration and configuration.
Two independent communication ports provide full EDP and print ticket programmability - a feature that is enhanced by Revolution™ III Scale Software. In addition, the two standard serial ports allow it to be remotely configured using Revolution III Scale Software.

  • Large .8 in (20.3 mm) Light Emitting Diode
    (LED) Display 
  • Configurable analog to digital measurement rate 
  • Power for four 350 Ω load cells 
  • Primary/secondary units configuration: lb, kg,
    ounces, grams 
  • Five-button operation 
  • Two independent communication ports: (1) full duplex, (1) unidirectional or active 20 mA current loop 
  • Standardized EDP command sets 
  • Programmable ticket format up to two 180-character printout 
  • Full front-panel digital calibration and configuration 
  • Tilt stand 
  • Three-stage digital filtering 
  • Consecutive transaction numbering 
  • Time and date (volatile) 120 Plus 
  • Large .8 in backlit LCD display 
  • Rechargeable battery or wall adapter 
  • Power save feature for 700 hours of battery life 
  • Ten stored tare values 
  • Display hold (based on 3 second average) 
  • Time and date
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