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A&D HV-G and HW-G

A&D hv-g et hw-g modèles balances de table et plancher

Counting, Percentage & Comparator functions (standard). Stainless Steel weighing pan. Choice of display LCD and VFD. Overload Protection. Optional Built-In Printer for VFD Models. Water & Dust Resistant (IP-65) Platform.

Resolution up to 1/10000

Triple resolution – scales in 1

Bi-Directional RS-232C (standard)

Battery Operation (GL models) for portability (Batteries not included / AC adapter standard)

14 Models & 3 Platform Sizes

HV-15, 60, 200(kg) / HW-10, 60, 100, 200(kg)

0.001kg to 0.1kg / 0.002 lb to 0.2 lb

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