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Setra Sierra/Himalaya Series

Setra Sierra/Himalaya Série Balance de précision de laboratoire

Each SI and HI balance is designed forease of operation and calibration. Standard features include an easy-to-read bubble level to insure the best possible accuracy, a large, bright, LED display with a rapid update rate for filling, an indicator to confirm a stable reading, bidirectional RS-232 communications, rugged die-cast aluminum housing, chemically resistant keypad, stainless steel weighing pan and a transparent plastic dust cover. 200 gram and 400 gram capacity balances are provided with a cylindrical glass draftshield.

The Himalaya Series of single range laboratory balances offers extremely high readability. The six button keyboard affords great flexibility by allowing a choice of several weighing modes. In addition to units such as grams, ounces and carats, each HI precision balance can display weight as a percent for use in check weighing and as grams per second to monitor flow rates.

The Sierra Series of precision balances includes four single range models (S Models), as well as two dual range models (D Models). The dual range laboratory balances automatically display the maximum resolution whenever the balance is tared, regardless of how much weight is zeroed out. For instance, the 0.001g resolution of the SI-410D is available up to 100 grams even when taring objects that weigh close to the rated capacity of the precision balance.

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