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Industrial scales

Solution Balance X-Cell Inc. stands out by the constant search to remain at the technological cutting edge of the weighing industry. Whether it's for precision scales, bench scales, retail scales, high capacity scales like train and truck scales, agregats, floor scales, mixers, lift trucks, load cells, indicators, score boards and many others. It's our expert's duties to be on the look-out for the latest available technologies.

Our floor scales are rugged plateforms made to last. Wether it be for steel, pallets, drums, we have the scale that fulfills your needs.
Our truck scales are conceived to provide a dependable performance under the most extreme conditions. Our truck scales are build with superior structural supports and innovative design to offer a constant precision and a longer life span.
Our bench scales are quick and precise solutions to adapt to your needs for expeditions, laboratory, education, for the industrial, retail and medical fields. Some of our models work with batteries and some can communicate with a PC or a printer.
Our counting scales are essential tools for the taking of inventory and are easy to use. They can count with great precisions all sorts of parts components. Most of the counting scales work with rechargeable batteries. Some models offer a RS-232 communication option.
Our retail scales are made for different stores like butcher shops, grocery stores, candy stores, etc. They have to be legal for trade.
We offer many quality high precision laboratory and analytical scales. You will find the device that will suits you with the options you need.
Our crane scales are rugged and offer a quick and efficient read out to weight products usually too big for a floor scale. Generally used in quarry and overhead crane, our scales have a maximum capacity of 100 000 pounds.
For basic weighing functions to completely optomated systems the indicators are indispensable to weighing equipments. Some can communicate with a PC or a printer and others are programmable (setpoints, checkweigher, etc.)
Our printers are usually used with truck scales or retail scales. They can print receipts, stickers and nutritional fact, recipes, etc.
In partnership with MMBC industries, we offer high-precision smart loader scales for hydraulic loader. We also offer on-board weighing systems which are ideally suited for road load management.

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